Monday, February 21, 2011

Exhibition at SIM-Reykjavik

My videopiece 'becoming'

Me and Kelly

'I Underlandet' (my pics)

Leah, Kelly and visitor


Stuart and Fiona

Anna and Arash




Yogan and visitor

The 5 images below are taken from Yogans webbsite:

Anna Pogossova's art in background

Sabine Popp- artist talk...

Still from my videopiece 'Becoming'

Hideki, Leah

My photographs in the show:

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Check out

or to see my video piece go:

Also loads off great posters by various artists that was used during the general election campaign.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't panic animation

Found this old animation today 
that I did ages ago.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011



David Lynch inspired picture

Lava field

Jules Vernes-Centre of the earth

Lightning mc Queen with friend

13 February-Reykjavik

Look what treasure I found today a
pirate-skeleton in the seaweed!

12 February-Reykjavik

A Walk in the Wind

A walk in the wind
I just want to be a writer
You make me feel better
By just being my friend
and maybe someday
We can take a walk in the wind

By Daniel Johnston
Word of the day: Kisalura (pussy cat)

8 February-Reykjavik

The best thing about this country is that you are allowed to stay inside and be lazy without any guilt. I have never experienced such wind before as today; and I didn't even leave the house. I worked on those two images all day, the second inspired by John Bauer's 'Tuvstarr'.

Word of the day: Ihugun (reflection)

7 February-Reykjavik

Today I walked out to a lighthouse.
I found some frozen seaweed in the low-tide.
I think my babies are happy to live under the sea
in the frozen wonderland.

Word of the day: Svartur Sandur (black sand)

6 February-Reykjavik

It’s Sunday. I am incredible lazy. Went to the pub and watched Soccer. Then I made popcorn.

Word of the day: Vaffla med Sultu og Rjoma (Waffles with jam and cream)

5 February-Reykjavik

The swimming pool

Today I realized that all I see is blue. The water in the pool was turquoise; the white steam made it hard to see. Above, the blue sky, lots of birds were flying across. When I look out the window; there is the sea. Today it was dark blue. The sky had the very same color. The hot tube was 55 degrees; my body was numb of the heat.

While I’m in the sauna; this old lady is struggling slowly, leaning on her walking stick to sit down on a bench. I lasted 20 minutes - she lasted 2 hours. I guess she was around 85 years old or so. On the way home I got totally lost.

Word of the day: Voldug (powerful)

Water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen (chemical formula: H2 O) with highly distinctive physical and chemical properties: it is able to dissolve many other substances; its solid form (ice) is less dense than the liquid form ; its boiling point, viscosity, and surface tension are unusually high for its molecular weight, and it is partially dissociated into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions

1 a colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

Taken from the Oxford dictionaries.

4 february-Reykjavik

The wind is raw; unforgivable. It racing in from the sea at high speed and brings the notion of transformation. The wind is changing direction; the sky is changing colour, rain turn to ice or snow, the view is clear and next thing one can’t see nothing. This is the land off nowhere, off nothingness. An unknown place; an island trapped between walls almost as a room. An inner room surrounded by a protective and violent sea. It’s the island off opposites.

Word of the day: Vindur (wind).

Otaliga är lekarna

vid randen

av bergen

I hemlighet

bestiger jag

klättrar på

Stigberget, de Vita

och Fjällgatans

Och fåglar flyger

ur min mun

när jag talar

till himlen

vid Fåfängans rand

(Ur Jordmannen, Kjellqvist 1987)

3 February-Reykjavik

In the eastern part of Reykjavik there is those grey houses. They all reminds me about Gregory Schneider’s ‘House ur’. There is an uncanny feeling of standing on the street and looking at this house. I feel like I am peeping but also that someone might be peeping back on me. I am watching and being watched in the same time. This house grows my curiosity; I want to know what’s behind those curtains.

In Gordon Burns documented portrait Happy Like Murders we are invited into the mind of the two most brutal series-killers throughout history: Fred and Rosemary West, the case also referred to as ‘the Cromwell Street Murders.

The idea of the uncanny is especially relevant to an analysis of the iconography of the home. Invested with feelings of security and the familiar, das Heimlich (the homely) is particularly vulnerable to being established or rendered strange. When displaced or transformed, simple everyday objects can evoke feelings of uncertainty or confusion (Perry, Gill and Paul Wood, (2004) Themes in contemporary art, p.255).

Further more, this sentence is stuck with me regarding those themes; ‘…this house is not a home’. I can’t recall which song it’s coming from.

Word of the day: Dragur (ghost).

2 February-Reykjavik

taxi from the bus terminal at 3am. Taxi driver is laughing constantly. The first impression of Icelandic people-great stuff. Went to the supermarket. Bought fiskbollur which is fishballs. The water smells like egg the liquorice here is sweet.

Word of the day: Tungur Knivur (heavy knife)