Thursday, October 13, 2011

A mouthful of a Demon artica 11

Erik Ehrnschwender found american
stubborn demons

I found cute and silent demons in the
sand the other day. They were Swedish
and weird

A mouthful of a Demon-catch the demon

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Popcycle Magazine new issue!

Photographer: Eric Mas
Stylist: Sarah Flanagan
Make up: Anne Kholhagen at artists by Timothy Priano
Hair: Stafano Greco at Brian Bantry using Davines
Model: Lindsay Bird from Next Model Management.
Assistent Producer: Ella Bertilsson

It was a great experience! Check out Erik's photography and Sarah's blog as well!

Box ID round 111 upcoming exhibition

Box ID is kicking off again for the third year in a row!
This is my selected pieces for the upcoming show.
The sky in the lost planet 1-3, Digital prints.

No Grants Gallery, Temple Bar Cultural Trust,
12 East Essex St, Dublin 2

31 August

Saturday, June 18, 2011

timelapse 'archimedes last drawing' day 1

"Archimedes Last Drawing"

Dates: 7th – 25th June
Launch: Friday 10th June (alongside NCAD degree show)

‘Archimedes’ Last Drawing’ is a collaborative drawing project and exhibition by recent graduates of NCAD Francis Quinn and Fintan Ryan. The project will take place over two weeks at the NCAD Gallery, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8. The project will be centred around a monumental drawing, which will be created throughout the run of the exhibition. Five recent graduates of the National college of Art and Design(INCLUDING MY GOOD SELF!) have been invited to take part in the project. Each artist will spend a day working on the drawing and all seven artist will return to work together on the final day of the project. The gallery will be open to the public during the entire project, giving visitors the oportunity to see the artists at work and witness the development of the drawing over time.

Myself and Killian Dunne will be doing our live drawings this Wednesday June 8th.

The Archimedes Last Drawing Exhibition Pictures

Francis, Fintan, Killian



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exhibition Reykjavik/ Koplurfstadir collaboration with Eric Ernschwender

the 'bar' in the darkness

My video projection. Eric's fantastic masks were placed out through out the barn and viewers had to discover the masks by exploring the space.

blank couch 1197
blank hangy thing 1196
1315 3 positions
foil masks empty bottles,
if the demon gets afraid at any point use the bottle as a whistle to soothe the demon
again, candles for mood
there are ritual items needed, such as a fasces and hand worked metal masks.
leafy angle couch
suspended in the air to b at similar height to floating demon
covered with pleasant things to the demons eyes such as flowers and leafs
candles for the mood
the method of dumping a demon from person to person.
demon enters through the feet and can b dumped from the absorber to a new person through the mouth. this is the easiest way to know that you have a demon.
this method forces the demon to enter at the only possible point: the feet of the inverted person. gravity will pull the demon through the inverted person at a rapid rate due to the transition from pure spirit to corporeal form. if you allow the demon to absorb at its leisure, the demon will have control of the situation, which is to be avoided.
dancing a jolly farewell
a demon will not leave until it feels as if it has had a proper farewell, and a proper farewell requires dancing and at least 4 people. at this point, the demon will walk quickly back home.
how can one tell if one is housing a demon?
one cannot. only someone else can tell.
small episodes with lots of black.
a mouthful of demon,
3rd edition
instructions / how-to
based on the ars haustica,
adapted for home use
ella bertilsson
transliterated by
eric ehrnschwender
old black tights
aluminum foil
cotton string
[2] empty wine bottles
a bundle of sticks
greenery [fake plants are suitable]
[2] mannequins
2 armchairs
2 hinges
wearable representation of %HHHR( [see appendix a]
5 candles
cardboard box, medium
bolt of cloth, at least 1 sq m

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Occasional Gale- exhibition at SIM March

The fab-Kristjana at SIM.

Erik Ehrnschwender

Hannah Casey

'A Myrkur' my video piece

Friday, March 4, 2011

Video Screening in Galway

Still Image


Each event is curated by an invited guest and festures screening, performances, installation, sound and improvised music. It is organised by Vivienne Dick, Áine Phillips and Maeve Mulrennan. The aim of live@8 is for people to engage with art in an informal atmosphere, where there is room for dialogue and experimentation.

This edition is curated by Jennifer Cunningham and Sinead Mc Cann. They will show a selection of video work and performance art by artists from all over Ireland, Britain and Sweden. Jennifer Cunningham and Sinead Mc Cann studied together on the Masters in Fine art programme in NCAD from 2006- 2008. They both took an interest in each others work.

In May 2010 Sinead was awarded a residency for 5 weeks in a vacant shop on the main street in Dunlaoghaire as part of the The Creative Policies for Creative Networks at GRADCAM. As part of this residency she curated two events. During this time Jennifer and Sinead discussed the possibilities of co curating a show together in Galway. The result is the Live 8 themed “The Potential of Vacancy”

Artists have responded in a number of different ways from comments on Irelands property boom, to work dealing with the more psychological aspects of the theme to Vincent Sheridan's work mapping the flight of flocks of birds, He is concerned with the social behaviour, flight dynamics and subliminal 'brushstroke' patterns of birds in flight.

Documentation of Installation Piece from 2009

Finally I found my long lost documentation of my Untitled Installation Piece from my degree show 2009. The installation had to be seen through this tiny hole in a corridor. I wanted the piece to be 'found' by those passing by. Inside was a projection of documents and photographs on to a jacket that used to be worn by the person the piece was about.

Photo just to show the jacket. The installation piece in it self was in complete darkness, except from the light of the projection. the jacket was quite hard to see.

Documentation of the installation piece.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

becoming-new videopiece

' Becoming' is a new videopiece by me that was shown at artist-in residency Exhibition at SIM in Reykjavik. 'Becoming' is an experiment to transform myself into another creature in a simple way. There is a direct reference to a fish gasping while taken on land as thoughts are evoked on evolution and that we all once upon a time crawled up on land from the water.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Exhibition at SIM-Reykjavik

My videopiece 'becoming'

Me and Kelly

'I Underlandet' (my pics)

Leah, Kelly and visitor


Stuart and Fiona

Anna and Arash




Yogan and visitor

The 5 images below are taken from Yogans webbsite:

Anna Pogossova's art in background

Sabine Popp- artist talk...

Still from my videopiece 'Becoming'

Hideki, Leah

My photographs in the show: