Friday, June 26, 2009

Joseph Cornell Tie

3 years ago I made this Joseph Cornell inspired tie, just got those pictures from my tutor Joe. they made me laugh!

Turbo Monthly

Filmbase 4th of July
Turbo Monthly among other
artists, bookmakers, fanzine makers etc...

Turbo Monthly T-shirts! T-shirts for sale available next
Saturday 4 of July
in the filmbase, here is my designs:
( I only have my designs at the Moment but Aisling and Killian
have done really nice ones as well)

Mixed Turbo Pictures:

Ashling's drawing

More degree show pics

Killian Dunne's faces

Killian and me

Maria outside her space...

Maria Johansson's design...

Pictures from the Degree Show!

My brother looking on my installation

brother and Kittser !

Behind the wall was my video...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still from Video in the Degree show.