Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a reoccurring dream that I rebuilt as models. I took the photographs and threw the model away.
I missed the exhibition cus I was in NY at the time. 

Monday, September 15, 2008


Recently I got some ghost ideas. This is two images that I put together. The apartment used to be my grandparents. Im gonna keep working on it so it get longer and longer. 

Foot print exhibition in Monstertruck 2008

Group exhibition. All artists had to make their work a foot long and wide. (I cropped the image here cus I couldn't fit the whole in the scanner)Its an etching with a screen-print on top of it.  
The same picture but a screen-print version instead.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


and fore some weird reason, when I'm homesick in the winter especially, what am I thinking off? The winters in Ammarnas and we just to skii alot.


Last winter I felt down and sick like you do sometime in the winter. especially in Ireland cus there's no snow here. Just Darkness as the first piece is called, rain and citylights. that's the atmosphere I was aiming for.

T-shirt Competition for Graniph

Graniph is a company from Japan. They have the coolest t-shirt designs in the world. they didn'nt think I was too cool though, cus my designs didn't got selected. or does it mean i'm even cooler then them and they can't see how cool i am cus they are so uncool? Defence and blame in all honour...

Illustration for Swedish magazine "Tidningen kulturen" 2007

The text that I was supposed to illustrate for in Swedish, my own language, was so complicated I had to call my mother three times to be able to figure out what it meant. I think I still don't really know what it was all about.  

Lee Jeans

I made this digital print for Lee jeans. I wanted it to be kinda dark and mystical, I'm very happy with it. the houses is small models that I built out of Lee jeans. the pictures in the windows is from their makehistory campaign. It's supposed to be my imaginary lee world. It was photographed in complete darness except some candle light and long exposure. Hard work but it was worth it big time.

Work for Wrangler 2007

I made a digital print on canvas for Wrangler jeans to be hanged in their show room. I wanted the photo to symbolise how Wrangler is still traditional and classic but that they are also moving on. The solution was a suitcase for travelling full with personal belongings. The text on the nail-cutters are Depeche mode lyrics. The book is a tourist book about Stockholm from the 40s, hillerious book actually. The EP:s is images of sausages and snow and happy people skiing and stuff. The owner of the suitcase is probably me but a man 40 years ago, who loves meat and loadsa sousages... 

Photo details from my animation Monstertruck

The whole idea is that the soldiers are running in the same time as the sun goes from sunrise to sunset. It was a very precious job to do mostly for my friend that had to lie naked on my floor for a few hours with soldiers taped to her body. It was fun.

Group Exhibition Monstertruck 2007

The place were packed. I exhibited an animation, parts of it is up on my website. It was a really good night!


Details from my etching. I also had an animation but unfortunately my computer skills are pretty limited. I put it here if i learn how to!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Rose Project in The Lab 2007

Me and my piece for the Rose Project. It was held in The Lab on Foley st. The piece that won was absolutely beautiful animation made by Naomi Sex. 

TSB Hugh Lane 2007

The competition was held in the Hugh Lane Gallery. It was loads of people there. I can't remember how many participants in the competition we were but i say around 20 art work was shown. It was great!

TSB permanent bank competition 2007


Im gonna use this blog mainly to
update everything to do with my art.
So I will post any news in here at the moment.
all righta xxx